rib it up: st louis cut pork ribs

article published: 23/6/2015

how well do you know your ribs? we've recently introduced st louis cut pork ribs to our menu at SmokeWorks but what really is the difference between the st louis cut and our regular baby back ribs? 

st louis cut ribs are located nearest the belly section of the pig, near where the bacon is. they lead onto the rib tips which in this cut are removed. meanwhile, baby back ribs come from the top side of the ribs near where the loin is. our st louis ribs are meatier and have a better distribution of fat which makes them more succulent and full of flavour. 

the ribs are rubbed, smoked for 1O hours and slathered repeatedly in our homemade bbq sauce until they have the perfect bbq glaze. we're serving these ribs on their own or part of the 'ribs 'n' wings' dish. if you're feeling daring you can even go for our new powerhouse plate 'rib it up' which comes with a full rack of st louis ribs. we promise,  you won't look back...


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