the secret to SmokeWorks beef dripping mash

article published: 11/6/2015

silky smooth and insanely rich, SmokeWorks beef dripping mash is irrevocably, unashamedly, the stuff of addiction. you'll be pleased to know our lovely friend pina (@1_2CulinaryStew) has set up a support group over on twitter #beefdrippingmashclan so there's always a shoulder to cry on when the cravings become too much.

but how is it so darn silky? we asked vlad to indulge us by sharing his technique. firstly the potatoes are baked instead of boiled. then, they're scooped out of their skins and passed through a fine sieve. next he folds in butter, cream, salt and the magic ingredient... smoked beef dripping. beef dripping is collected when we smoke our beef ribs and brisket for up to 14 hours in imported US smokers, it takes on the smoked flavour beautifully. finally the mash is topped up with some smoking juices and there it is... slow cooked, fast. beef dripping mash takes cambridge bbq scene by storm... available to eat in or takeaway

top 3 things to do with SmokeWorks beef dripping mash:

- stick a spicy sausage in it and smother in chipotle salsa

- naughty double dipping... eveyone loves some potato with their potato

- rub it on your face, a surprisingly good moisturiser, not to mention everyone will want to kiss/lick you




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