university chillenge

article published: 23/9/2015

4 contestants | 32 chicken wings | 2nd hottest chilli in the world 

entry £8 per contestant | grand final is free | £1OO voucher prize

can your team handle the SmokeWorks university chillenge?
each team member gets 8 chicken wings - 4 of them smothered in our signature vlad’s blood hot sauce and 4 in scorpion chilli sauce (made from the 2nd hottest chilli in the world).
the chillenge? work as a team to finish all the chicken wings in the shortest time possible. only once you’ve finished your own wings can you start helping out your team members.
we'll pick the best 2 'gown' teams and the best 2 'town' and invite them back for our grand ‘town v gown’ final on sunday 29th november!

the winning team will receive £1OO SmokeWorks vouchers to share.
to enter simply turn up at SmokeWorks with your team of 4 to take on the chillenge!

(available 1st october - 26th november 2O15, anyday except saturdays)

please see below the competition rules and disclaimer:

the rules:
1. all contestants must be over 18 years of age to participate.
2. a team must consist of 4 people
3. in order to make it onto our leader board the team must consume all 32 chicken wings except the chicken bones which must be picked clean.
4. the timer will start when you bite into the first chicken wing and will stop when all 32 have been consumed and you say the word ‘scorpion’.
6. you must finish your own portion of chicken wings before helping out any team members.
7. you are allowed to drink during the challenge, we recommend a milkshake to ease the heat.
8. you are under no pressure from SmokeWorks to finish the dish and if at any point you feel unwell we advise you to stop.
9. the dish must be consumed on site and cannot be ordered as takeaway or any leftovers taken as a ‘doggy bag.’
1O. if the challenge is completed you agree to have your photograph taken and placed on our leader board in the restaurant.

i have been warned and fully understand that the dish i am about to consume contains extreme chilli heat. this dish is to be consumed entirely at my own risk and SmokeWorks Ltd. will under no circumstances be responsible for, or liable for, any claims of injury or damage arising from participation in this eating challenge. i voluntarily assume all risks arising from participation in this challenge. i am over the age of 18, i am not inebriated or of unsound mind and am fully able to make a rational decision to purchase and consume the dish.
i give my consent that photographs/videos taken during my visit to the restaurant may be used for marketing purposes by SmokeWorks Ltd.
i have read, understood and agree to abide by all of the SmokeWorks ‘university chillenge’ contest rules and disclaimer as stated on this page.


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