FREE SCHOOL LANE has always had a thing for spicy food challenges, and with the return of the dogs on the menu, we thought it was the perfect time to drop a new CHILLENGE! 

introducing our HOT DOG CHILLENGE – smoked cumberland sausage topped with pulled pork, jalapeños, fresh chillies and then slathered in ivan’s special hot sauce

so now you know what’s involved, the only question that remains is, do you think you’ll be the one who will hold the quickest time?

obviously we’ll get you to sign a disclaimer before you start, but don’t worry about that… just think of all the glory when you vanquish this HOT DOG!

everyone who gives this a go gets their photo on our CHILLENGE board regardless of finishing or not, but only those able to complete it get a CHILLENGE DOG FINISHER t-shirt to commemorate the occasion!


*obviously not “actually” on fire – it’s just damn hot!