Join the BB'Crew £ Incentive T&Cs

  1. £1OOO payable in two instalments: £5OO when you start working with us in either of our kitchens, paid by bank transfer to you in your first wage packet, and the remaining £5OO paid to you when you successfully completion of your probation after 12 weeks of employment
  2. £2OO SMOKEWORKS gift vouchers payable for the referral of a contracted candidate upon employment in either of our SMOKEWORKS kitchens following successful completion of their probation after 12 weeks of employment
  3. when referring an individual to us, you must email with the name and contact details of the individual you are referring to us. we are afraid that tags/comments on any social post will not be accepted for this incentive
  4. SMOKEWORKS LTD reserves the right to amend or withdraw the referral scheme without further notice