last month was all about office parties and work dos, so this JANUARY why not take some time out for your friends and family! get 1hr of darts for 4 to 12 slingers for just £2O a SLING PIT [or oche if you prefer!] for groups over 6, guests may have to be paired as a team of 2 during each game. so if you’d prefer for to all your guests to play individually, then we’d recommend booking another SLING PIT! available MONDAY – SATURDAY throughout JANUARY… game on!

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while our dining spaces remain family friendly any time of day, on the SLING FLOOR you’ll need to be 16+ to play before 6pm, after then the SLING FLOOR becomes an adults only environment as things can get spirited. we also operate a challenge 25 policy so please bring ID if you are afflicted with youthfulness! our kitchen opening hours are as follows: MONDAY – THURSDAY 12-9PM, FRIDAY & SATURDAY 12-9.3OPM [excluding bank holidays]

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