july's pitmaster specials at free school lane

article published: 5/7/2017

quinoa salad
with sugar snaps, rocket, peas, BBQ corn, roasted beetroot, charred feta, lime dressing.
available with either smoked pulled chicken or flaked smoked trout £11

crunchie smash shake
16 fl.oz milkshake with chocolate and smashed honeycomb
£5.5 (+ £2.5O add a shot of buffalo trace bourbon)

samuel smith’s organic apricot fruit beer
a refreshing, handcrafted ale blended with pure apricot juice 5.1%, 355ml £5


dark & stormy
SmokeWorks spiced havanna club especial rum & ginger beer £8

SmokeWorks pickleback
buffalo trace bourbon with a pickle juice chaser £3.5


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