it’s all very well just saying you can come and play smart darts at SLINGERS; but what does that mean and how does it work exactly? well, all of our sling pits [or oches if you prefer] have a big TV screen above the dartboard to help guide you through each game and display all of the results. once you’ve selected the game and difficulty setting [easy, medium & hard] the TV will show you what to do and whose turn it is. yes, it really is that simple. so what games can you pick from, well…


our most popular games, KILLER, pits you directly against each other player in a race to reach assassin status. once you reach this status it’s then a race to then eliminate your opponents before they eliminate you!💀🎯


in SHOWTIME, the easiest of all our games, the aim is just to score as many points as you can over six rounds. yes, it really is that easy… or is it?!


in the game of LIVES each player starts with 🧡🧡🧡 lives. to keep your lives intact, all you have to do is beat the previous player’s score. if you don’t, then you lose a life 💔 – the winner is the last player standing


in the game of SHANGHAI you work your way around the board scoring points as you go. score by hitting 1’s in round one, 2’s in round two, 3’s in… we’re sure you get the idea by now! the player with the most points at the end of the 6 rounds wins


you know we like our rock here at SLINGERS; but even we’re not adverse to a little disco every now and again, so bring on the DISCO WALL! each player starts with a wall of 3OO coloured blocks. score anywhere on the board to eliminate blocks, the first player to clear their wall wins… simple! fancy a challenge, then sounds like you need to try it in hard mode, where players must finish on exactly zero or they bust


in HALVE IT, each player starts with 4O coins and tries to win more by hitting the gold targets on the board. if you fail to hit a gold target with any of your three darts, then your total score is halved. the winner is the player with the most coins at the end… easy!


in ROBIN HOOD you find yourself transported to sherwood forest where you need to test your accuracy in this bullseye challenge. points are awarded for hitting the board, with maximum points for hitting the bullseye! [look out for the trebles on hard mode though, as these will give you negative points!] the winner is the player with the most points after six rounds


in the game of BLOCKBUSTER each player starts with a tower of 3O1 blocks. the aim of the game is easy: destroy your tower by scoring as many points as possible. quickest player wins! on hard mode, you must finish on exactly zero or you go bust!


this is an autoscoring version of the classic game for the true traditional darts connoisseur! choose from 3O1, 5O1, or 7O1 and configure the game to your preference with check ins, check outs and tips… game on!


ok, so we know that not everyone visiting us here at SLINGERS is an aficionado when it comes to darts, and for most, using our systems will be their first time playing. that’s why there are three difficulty settings for each game; this way everyone gets the most enjoyable experience possible, and as you and your friends get better you can increase the difficulty level on your next visit!


the ‘easy’ setting is ideal for everyone, but especially for those who are new to darts or still working on their accuracy


more skill required as in ‘medium’ setting more emphasis is placed on hitting certain areas of the board or specific numbers


‘hard’ setting is recommended for players with some darts experience as players are required to hit specific numbers and smaller sections of the board